Thursday, July 2, 2009


Before I start packing I'll post our itinerary for our trip!

Florida girls - I hope we can get together! I'll be there from July 10th until about the 23rd. No plans to visit Orlando right now, but that could change. Email me or Facebook me or call me!
Alabama girls - I'd love to get together! We're not planning on stopping in Enterprise because Ed already took care of our house stuff last month. If you're up for it though maybe we could meet up in Montgomery or something. I'd love to see my ol' Jazzer girls!!!

After (nearly) a year here in Maryland we're finally taking a vacation. We've been on a couple of day trips and overnight trips to Richmond and Annapolis but we haven't taken a real vacation since we got here last August!! WOW! No wonder the thought of packing seems overwhelming!

We're leaving today and hope to get to Charlotte tonight. Tomorrow we'll continue on to Aunt Linda's lake house outside of Montgomery, AL. We'll spend a few days there and on the 8th or 9th we'll start driving down to FL.

We'll go see my Dad on the 10th, hang out with my mom on her birthday, the 11th and Ed will fly back to MD on the 12th.

I'll stay in FL until about the 23rd when I will start driving back to MD. We're going to stop and spend a couple of nights with Aunt Cynthia in Charleston just to break up the its a long drive.

We're looking forward to a fun trip with lots of swimming and relaxing!