Saturday, December 19, 2009

White Christmas!

We have already had more snow this winter than we had all of last winter! Its about 30 degrees out and kind of windy but great for snow playing! The boys were outside by about 9:30 this morning! I think our favorite thing to do was tackle each other in the snow.

I love the smiles on their faces here!
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Winter Wonderland

I started to build a snowman but then Nolen climbed on top of the snowman's body and it was more fun to run around and tackle each other anyway.

I love Max's face in this picture! Its so precious! I wish it was a little clearer but its still a GREAT picture!

Is that a postcard? Nope! That's Charles Street!
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Santa Comes Early

The boys woke up to two big surprises this morning. One was that we had gotten about a foot of snow overnight, and the other surprise was that Santa paid us an early visit!!! We couldn't believe it! His note said that because we will be driving to Florida in a couple of days, he wanted to give Nolen his new DSi now so that he could play it in the van!!! Santa was also very smart and gave each of the boys a new pair of snow boots! Perfect for the weather! Each of the boys also got a new DS game. Max got Raving Rabbids and Nolen got the new Zelda game which isn't even out yet!! Santa managed to get it early somehow! (The truth is that the game came out on December 7th but because I wanted the kids to wait until Christmas, I told them it didn't come out until Christmas Eve! Ha! Those white lies aren't going to be possible for much longer. We saw a commercial for the game the other day and I was hoping Nolen wouldn't notice that at the end of it, they had the date "12.07.09")

Max has been enjoying the piano lately but we've also decided that it just doesn't fit in this house so we are looking for a family to give it to. But so that Max can still play, he got a keyboard! I think he is really going to like it and I'll have to get him lessons soon. Santa probably thought that it was a good idea to give Max the keyboard here so that he wouldn't have to pack it home from Florida. That Santa is SOOO smart!

Reading their notes that Santa left for them. Nolen's said that Rudolph had to guide Santa through the snowstorm and Max's said that Blitzen loves to fly in the snow. The notes also said that the boys should remember to pack their stockings and take them to Florida! It sounds like Santa might visit us again!
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LVRS Christmas Party

Edward has been running with the Leonardtown Volunteer Rescue Squad for a few months now so last weekend, we were invited to the Christmas party. It was very nice and mostly for the kids. The highlight of course was that Santa came and brought a gift for each kid!

This is our neighbor Sarah getting her present.

Max with Santa

Nolen getting his present from Santa

Nolen got Transformers and Max got a Cars playset. I especially like the uniforms in the cubbies in the background.
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