Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Birthday at the Lake

We took the boy to Lake Tholocco for Max's birthday picnic. They always have a blast at a lake! Tonight we brought their Tonka trucks. Max just got his for his birthday. We also brought Jasmine. She LOVED it! She kept running into the water, then running around on the sand, then back into the water. Ed played fetch with her on land and in the water. She is a great swimmer! We grilled hamburgers and then sang happy birthday to Max and ate cupcakes. I would say that despite the fire ants, the evening was a success!

I have never seen a butterfly like this outside of a butterfly exhibit! Isn't it pretty? Here are the butterflies we saw at the museum at UF...

I can't believe I caught this picture. She chased the butterfly for a little bit before he flew away.

My big boys with their big trucks!
Dinner at sunset.
Max blowing out his candles. It was a little windy so Ed was trying to keep them lit.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Jasmine "Daisy" Smith

We have a new member of the family! I was leaving Jazzercise one day in late June when my friend pointed out a stray dog that was hanging out in the parking lot. We managed to get her to come to us and gave her some water. She was so grateful she started licking us all over. She was filthy, skinny and looked like she had chewed through a tie out cable that was still attached to her collar. We called animal control and they came and picked her up. I think I was already in love with her. I called to find out if anyone had adopted her and what would happen if no one came to get her. Long story short, we have a new dog. She is about 6 months old and has SO much energy. Bugsy wasn't a big fan at first. He used to sit around and stare at her like a grumpy old man, but he has since warmed up to her. She is a very smart dog, crazy for tennis balls and needs to be taken outside 3 times a day to run off her energy. I joke sometimes that if I don't take her out, she is going to eat the kids! She LOVES to chew on stuff, as any puppy does but she is better when she gets plenty of exercise!
I love her white chest and white paws and black face. She has gained weight in the last month and her coat has gotten much shinier. She was in bad shape when we got her!
Nolen and his doggy. He loves it when Jasmine kisses him.
Max loves to pet anything while he sucks his thumb. Yesterday morning he fell asleep in Jasmine's bed.
Snuggled up like old friends.

These pictures make it look like Jazz sleeps a lot...the truth is, she is either sleeping or moving so fast you can't get a good picture!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Nolen's First Day of School!!! (Part Two)

Nolen was very excited to go to school today! He is in Mrs. Livaudais's (pronounced Liv-a-day) afternoon class at the Primary School (Pre K, K and 1st grades) on post. I dropped him off at 12:30 and walked him to his classroom. He put his backpack in his cubby and took off to play with the puzzles. He rode the bus home this afternoon and is in a very good mood. He said he played in the kitchen today but that they didn't play outside because it was too hot. I'm so excited for him. I hope he continues to love school!
Nolen showing me that he is going to the "4 School."

Such a big school and a big backpack for a little kid!

Nolen doing a puzzle in his classroom.

Max was upset that Nolen was at school without him so we made cupcakes for his brother and then we had some school time of our own.

My big boy riding the bus home after his first day of school.

Nolen's First Day of School!!!

Today is Nolen's first day of school at the Fort Rucker Primary School. Yesterday we went to the Open House which was more of a mad house. We met his teacher briefly, found his cubby, and saw several kids that were in his preschool class last year. We don't know any of the kids in his class, but that's ok. I don't know yet how Max will handle all of this. I left him at home with Fran yesterday while we went to the Open House and he was NOT happy. I have already told him that today we will make special cupcakes for Nolen while he is at school. I think that should help a little. I'll post pictures later on!