Friday, September 18, 2009

Making Carmel Apples

I bought half a peck of apples at the commissary yesterday because they looked so delicious. I quickly realized that we would be hard pressed to EAT half a peck of apples before they went bad so it was time to get creative! I've always wanted to make carmel apples but I don't think I ever have...until today. By the way, whenever I think of carmel/candied apples, I think of the one I ate in Annapolis this past December with Edward. That thing was GIANT and cost like $8 or something ridiculous, but it was delicious! Anyway, I got the boys to help me unwrap the carmels and they watched me dip the apples. We put them in the fridge while they took their bath...great plan right? Hey kids, now that you're all squeaky clean, how about a sticky, sugary treat before bed? hehe

Nolen took a few bites then handed it off to me to finish. Yum! And he ate a plain apple instead. Boring.

Max ate EVERY last bite! He even ate the core. This morning I found the stick and 6 apple seeds on his plate. I am not kidding!
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