Saturday, December 19, 2009

White Christmas!

We have already had more snow this winter than we had all of last winter! Its about 30 degrees out and kind of windy but great for snow playing! The boys were outside by about 9:30 this morning! I think our favorite thing to do was tackle each other in the snow.

I love the smiles on their faces here!
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Winter Wonderland

I started to build a snowman but then Nolen climbed on top of the snowman's body and it was more fun to run around and tackle each other anyway.

I love Max's face in this picture! Its so precious! I wish it was a little clearer but its still a GREAT picture!

Is that a postcard? Nope! That's Charles Street!
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Santa Comes Early

The boys woke up to two big surprises this morning. One was that we had gotten about a foot of snow overnight, and the other surprise was that Santa paid us an early visit!!! We couldn't believe it! His note said that because we will be driving to Florida in a couple of days, he wanted to give Nolen his new DSi now so that he could play it in the van!!! Santa was also very smart and gave each of the boys a new pair of snow boots! Perfect for the weather! Each of the boys also got a new DS game. Max got Raving Rabbids and Nolen got the new Zelda game which isn't even out yet!! Santa managed to get it early somehow! (The truth is that the game came out on December 7th but because I wanted the kids to wait until Christmas, I told them it didn't come out until Christmas Eve! Ha! Those white lies aren't going to be possible for much longer. We saw a commercial for the game the other day and I was hoping Nolen wouldn't notice that at the end of it, they had the date "12.07.09")

Max has been enjoying the piano lately but we've also decided that it just doesn't fit in this house so we are looking for a family to give it to. But so that Max can still play, he got a keyboard! I think he is really going to like it and I'll have to get him lessons soon. Santa probably thought that it was a good idea to give Max the keyboard here so that he wouldn't have to pack it home from Florida. That Santa is SOOO smart!

Reading their notes that Santa left for them. Nolen's said that Rudolph had to guide Santa through the snowstorm and Max's said that Blitzen loves to fly in the snow. The notes also said that the boys should remember to pack their stockings and take them to Florida! It sounds like Santa might visit us again!
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LVRS Christmas Party

Edward has been running with the Leonardtown Volunteer Rescue Squad for a few months now so last weekend, we were invited to the Christmas party. It was very nice and mostly for the kids. The highlight of course was that Santa came and brought a gift for each kid!

This is our neighbor Sarah getting her present.

Max with Santa

Nolen getting his present from Santa

Nolen got Transformers and Max got a Cars playset. I especially like the uniforms in the cubbies in the background.
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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Day at the Park

I love this picture of our friend Colleen and Max. She is the cutest little thing with her pigtails and Max was sweet enough to go push her so that the mommies could sit and talk!
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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Smiths go to Washington

My Dad and Suzanne came to visit last weekend from Florida. Unfortunately, they came during the Nor-Easter that was produced from Hurricane Ida. Sorry Dad. They had 5 days of rain and wind. Sunday was gorgeous but they left at 8am! We still had a great time though. Friday the boys had to go school (with a 2 hour delay for the 6 inches of rain we had) so Dad, Suzanne and I went to St. Mary's City. I think they had fun looking around - even if it was windy and cold. St. Mary's City was the first capital of Maryland back in the 1600s. They have done a great job of recreating the place using archeological digs combined with written history. It was fun to see it in more detail than last year when Max's class went. On Saturday we headed out to DC to visit the Museum of American History. We hadn't been and they just reopened it last Spring so it was fun to see! The boys did pretty well but they weren't as interested as we were. They may have enjoyed the Lincoln stuff - or maybe they will in a few years.

The boys sitting at the end of a section of the first railroad trestle bridge with a steam locomotive behing them. This particular locomotive was brought over from England and had to have a set of wheels added to the front to help it stay on the uneven tracks here in America.

In the first room, Max started reading the information below the display of a ship. He was so cute. He was reading every word and did an awesome job! I had to stop him though. Can you imagine if he tried to read every word in the Museum of American History???

The first room we went into was all about boats and ships. It was displayed in chronological order and detailed how ships have contributed to shaping and building America. It started with ships that the colonists came over on, tobacco trade ships, pirate ships, slave ships, merchant ships, goldrush ships, then moved on to steamships and ocean liners. We even saw the first gold nugget that was found in California that started the California gold rush!

Playing an interactive game with Grandpa. There were a few displays peppered throughout for kids....little games to quiz them or displays to further demonstrate a topic. They were cute and the boys liked them.

They also had a room set up about inventing. It wasn't that impressive but it was nice to have a place that was specifically for kids. I hope DC gets a kid's museum before my kids are too old for it!

Overall we had fun. The kids did a great job walking all over and of course they had fun riding the Metro (so did I). It was a good trip. And I can definitely recomment Priceline as a good place to make hotel reservations! We stayed at the Renaissance Hotel for $80 a night! Woo-hoo!
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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Leaves, Leaves, and More Leaves

The trees are almost bare (and probably are bare today after the 3 days of wind and rain we've had) but Monday night, the kids played in the leaves while I raked and bagged some more. I think filled 8 bags before it got too dark. There are still more but the giant piles are gone. Of course the kids "helped" and Ed "helped" with his blower. I like to do things the old fashioned way - with a rake. Plus its good exercise! I tried to get some good pictures of the kids but they aren't as good as last week's pictures. They were so funny because they kept hiding under the leaves. You really couldn't tell where they were and at one point I was afraid that Max was going to rake Nolen while he was buried!

This picture isn't very clear, but I love that you can see Max's feet sticking out.

A few times, Edward blew the leaves up all around them and they were completely surrounded. They looked like they were sitting in Big Bird's Nest!
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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Field Trip, Halloween Party and Halloween

As usual I'm a week behind on the blog. Sorry blog, but my new BFF, Facebook, is taking up a lot of my computer time these days. Anyway, let's play catch up!
Last Friday Nolen's class had a field trip to Bowle's Farm. The kids had a great time and it was very well organized. The kids walked through the shorter corn maze, visited the petting zoo, went for a hayride, and watched a little video about soybeans. I was a chaperone but I was only responsible for Nolen and his friend Jacob.

Here are the pigs eating a pumpkin that the farmer threw on the ground for them.

This is Nolen's friend Jacob. Its pretty funny that both of the boys were wearing camoflauge that day.

The kids got to feed corn to the goats!

Hugging the goats.
That same day was the Halloween Party at school. We all rushed back to the school and most of the chaperones stayed to watch the Safety Walk (costume parade) and help with the party. I got some pictures of the safety walk but I didn't take any of the party in the classroom. The kids made really cute monster hands out of plastic gloves filled with hot tamales for fingernails and popcorn!

Here is Hannah the flapper.

Our next door neighbor Sarah was dressed as a diva.

Hey look its one of the Smith Brothers...I mean, one of the Mario Brothers!

And there is Max, I mean, Luigi!

Getting ready to go trick-or-treating! The boys had to take turns being Mario. We alternated back and forth and they never got upset about it!

Mario and George!

Since I convinced the boys to be Mario and Luigi, I made myself a Princess Peach costume! I used a pattern for a Cinderella dress and I think it turned out pretty good. It took me the better part of a day and in the end it probably wasn't any cheaper than buying a costume would have been but I guess it was fun!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Jazzy Girl

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LES Fall Carnival

Last week was the Fall Carnival at the boys' school. I spent the entire two and a half hours doing line dances with the kids for three tickets, so Edward took the boys and hung out with them. Leonardtown is such a great school. The PTA puts on an awesome carnival and its so fun to get out and see the parents of the kids and the teachers. I think the boys skipped the haunted house this year (bummer) and spent most of their time playing the games in the gym. I'm sure Nolen's favorite was the rock wall. I'll have to upload the video of that. The kid is an absolute monkey! I love it!

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