Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas!

We had a wonderful family Christmas here in Enterprise...we had too many presents, too much food and the boys had TOOO much fun. It was so cool to watch them get so excited about it all. Our tree had so many presents around it from spoiling grandparents that I was worried it was going to take the boys all day to unwrap them. My fears were (opposite of realized) when they had everything opened in a half hour flat! They spent most of yesterday playing their new Nintendo Wii. Well, Edward plays mostly, Nolen plays some, and Max mostly watches. Today they opened their cash register, Tinker Toys (love them, thanks Grammy) and Hi-Ho Cherry-O. Yesterday Nolen and I played Ker-Plunk and Magnetix and Max and I played K'Nex (love those too!). Fran has spent many hours already playing the Scooby-Doo game with the boys!

I'll have pictures in a few days. I was lazy and let Mom take them all but I couldn't get them off her camera so she'll have to send them in a few days. We have been having wonderful visits with everyone. I'm so glad that we are back in the south where our family can easily come to see us. Thanks to everyone for making the trip! We love you all!
Edward and Melissa

Friday, December 21, 2007

Friday, December 7, 2007

Wild Hair

I got a wild hair yesterday and bought a pub table for the breakfast nook! I love it! I hope Edward does too!
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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Air Nolen

Well, I've caved in and signed Nolen up for a sports team before he is old enough to actually DO the sport at all! Ha! Our church participates in Upward Basketball and I wasn't going to sign Nolen up, but we are always there for Jazzercise when the kids are practicing. Last week, Nolen was playing with the kids and I felt bad that I hadn't put him on a team. I mentioned to the coordinator that if he has an extra spot I would like to sign Nolen up - and now here we are!

Nolen's team are the Warriors. He hasn't officially been to a practice yet, but he played in his first basketball game on Saturday morning complete with a "team shirt", cheerleaders, game clock and buzzer (this will be important later). The announcer introduced the players as they ran onto the court...they even had a smoke machine and music going. It was so exciting! Nolen seemed pretty cool with it all until the buzzer from the game clock sounded. After that, he spent most of the 30 minute game with his hands on his ears. He managed to take them off of his ears to "dribble" the ball, throw the ball to the opposing team and to put his hands up to play some awesome "D". It was SO fun to watch. I'm sorry I didn't get a picture of him dribbling the ball because it was hilarious!!! He kept copying what the older kid on his team did...which could work out since that kid made a few baskets.

They don't keep score on these teams and they really are fun to watch. We had a blast and hopefully Nolen will get used to the buzzer!

I'm not sure if Nolen is clapping or praying here.

(Right) If you look carefully, you can see that Nolen is gaurding the kid from the other team. Good D Nolen!
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