Monday, September 9, 2013

Ren Fest Saturday

We had another great weekend! I'll start at the beginning...

Saturday we made waffles and then headed out early to get to the music store before it turned into (a really crowded place). Max chose to play baritone this year. Fourth grade is the first year they can choose a wind instrument. Nolen hasn't played anything yet but told the music teacher he wanted to play flute. I'm not sure how he came up with that! She told him she has plenty of flute players but she needs trombones and he would be great because he's so tall and long. He was sold and we have a trombone player! When I told him the flute section is mostly girls he was relieved the didn't end up there. LOL The music store didn't have any baritones and had to order one but we did bring home a brand new trombone! I think I'm having the most fun with it so far! Nolen can make sounds but not very controlled. It will be fun (I hope) to see him learn to play!

After the music store we went to the Maryland Renaissance Festival. It runs for about 6 weeks and we've heard really good things but we've never gone. It was pretty amazing!
Max got into some trouble while we were there. But he was disciplined appropriately.

There were a lot of games! Ed is giving blow darts a try. He hit five targets and won a wooden knife.

Nolen took his turn. He hit the target several times but not hard enough to knock it over.

I think this was the highlight for Nolen. He climbed almost to the top but couldn't quite make it so he JUMPED and grabbed the stuffed dragon at the top. It was pretty cool and he was really proud of himself. Max tried too but he got frustrated and came down pretty quickly.

Nolen playing the sling shot game. Max played too but I didn't get a picture of him :(

Ed is showing off his Firefly fashion!

We all went down this slide. It was pretty cool!

And of course the boys had to play on the playground.

By the end of the day we were all dirty and tired so we headed home for some football and pizza!

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